Appeared in:

The Grudge
The Grudge 1.5
The Grudge 2 (pictured)







Portrayed by:

Ted Raimi


Alex is a character from The Grudge, portrayed by Ted Raimi. Alex is an employer at a care-working center in Tokyo and the one who sends Karen to the Williams house, after Yoko, the previous care-worker, goes missing.


After Yoko disappeared, Alex ordered Karen to replace her and take care of Emma, a dementia-ridden elderly woman. Later, Karen called him telling that she had found a boy in that house, trapped inside the closet. Alex went there and found Karen paralyzed and horrified, and Emma's dead body. He called the police and was interrogated by Detective Nakagawa about the Williams family, and Alex told them that the caretaker originally hired to take care of Emma, Yoko, was missing. Cursed, Alex was later haunted and killed by a jaw-less, horrifying apparition of Yoko at the care-working center. When Karen's grieving sister Aubrey visited her house, she found a picture of Alex celebrating his birthday alongside Karen, Yoko and Doug.

Notes and triviaEdit

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Ted Raimi with the "Yoko" prop used in the film.

  • Alex is adapted from the character of Hirohashi from Ju-on: The Grudge. Hirohashi sends Rika to the Tokunaga house to look after Sachie. Their fates, however, differ from each other as Hirohashi is later found dead.
  • Ted Raimi is the brother of The Grudge producer Sam Raimi.
  • Alex is one character whose fate is not seen on screen. His last scene references Ju-on: The Curse, in which the jawless apparition of Kanna haunts her mother.