Allison Fleming is a main character from The Grudge 2, portrayed by Arielle Kebbel. Allison is an International School student, a newcomer from Chicago who falls victim to the curse after she follows schoolmates Vanessa Cassidy and Miyuki Nazawa to "one of the most haunted houses in all of Japan".

She is the third of the schoolgirls to be killed by the curse.


In TokyoEdit


Allison being pursued by the curse in the form of her colleagues.

A newcomer from the USA, Allison is somewhat awkward, shy and clumsy and intends to be friends with two popular girls from school, Vanessa and Miyuki. Vanessa dares her to enter the Saeki house, intending to play a prank on her. Vanessa is aware of the murders and the "supposed" curse, but she is skeptical about it. Allison complies to her task by entering the attic wardrobe of the house, and is caught on surprise as the two girls lock her inside. Vanessa then allows Allison to leave, ready to film her, but the closet door mysteriously refuses to open. The three of them notice that an unknown force is now keeping Allison inside. Allison notices a book and someone else in the wardrobe, just before she is startled by the ghost of the murdered woman. As she screams in panic (scaring the two others as well), the door opens and Allison runs out of the house.

Allison is lurked by Toshio at her class and notices that Miyuki is being haunted as well. Traumatized, she starts visiting the school's Counselor, and is for this reason taunted by Vanessa. However, Vanessa later joins Allison in the Counselor's room, and is told by Allison that Miyuki is missing. Allison blames Vanessa for all that she has been suffering and leaves the room. Allison later returns to the Counselor and tells her about the house, to which the Counselor ignores, clarifying that there is nothing at the house and that she has been there with the police. Allison warns the Counselor that she is the next, and is told that Vanessa and Miyuki are there with them. Allison then notices the ghost figures of her schoolmates, and the Counselor herself, as she roars to her. Terrorized, Allison runs to her house and packs her belongings, intending to go back to Chicago.



Allison, attempting to resist the grudge curse as she is disturbed by it.

Expecting to be free of the curse, Allison then returns to her home in Chicago (an apartment building) and is received by her parents. A neighbour boy, Jake, notices that the Flemings are acting weird all the time even though his father and stepmother greet them normally. Allison, aware that she is being followed, attempts to resist in many ways to the curse, by covering her windows with newspapers and cutting her hair. The ghost forms of Vanessa and Miyuki lurk her all the time and Jake sees them as well, and tries to warn her family about what he has seen. Through Allison's homecoming, the curse then manages to affect her neighbouring families, possessing and killing them one by one until only Jake is left. As he notices his sister and father are both dead, and his stepmother is possessed and taken by the curse, Jake attempts to run out of the building but a screaming Allison calls his attention, as she staggers out of her room.

Jake enters and sees both Flemings with their broken necks, and blames Allison for bringing "them" here.  Allison tells him they actually followed her. Kayako then appears from inside Allison's jacket and pulls her in, to then reemerge and grab Jake himself.


She is not seen in The Grudge 3 but is mentioned by Dr. Sullivan as she’s explaining to Lisa the events that happened in the apartment building from what she learnt from Jake about the murders that began after Allison's arrival. Sullivan asks if she knew her, to which Lisa denies, as Allison was always away at school.

Sullivan also mentions that she went missing, inferring that her body was never found after she was killed.


The Grudge 2 56176 Medium

Shimizu-san directing Kebbel, Teresa Palmer and Misako Uno.

  • Arielle Kebbel described Allison as "not very attractive; she’s not very confident. She’s kind of the wallflower of the group. She’s studying over at the international high school and she’s the kind of girl you see in the background of all the pictures that wants to be a part of everything but never really is."[1]
  • Despite not appearing for more than one installment, Allison is one of three characters from The Grudge film series to resist the most to the curse, alongside Karen and Jake (both appearing for more than one film).
  • Before finding Kayako's journal in the closet, Eason found Allison trapped inside in a deleted scene of The Grudge 2. The scene is a typical example, and the only one in a The Grudge film, of the atemporal connection between the cursed victims, which is more prominent in the Ju-on film series. It was cut for causing more confusion on the chronology of the three stories.
  • An alternate ending for The Grudge 2 has Jake entering Allison's appartment and discovering the bodies of her parents, and the ghost of Kayako crawling towards both of them.
  • Her character mirrors Izumi from Ju-on: The Grudge, in being a schoolgirl, a last survivor from the curse, the way she attempts to resist it and is lurked by her undead fellows.
  • Allison is portrayed by Arielle Kebbel, who had to use a wig over her short, blond hair, so that she could stand out from Teresa Palmer.
  • Though unintentional on her part, Allison is responsible for the curse's reach on the appartment building, which has further consequences in the third installment of the western film series.
  • Allison feeling Mar brush up against her legs, before she looks under the desk and sees Toshio is a recreation of a similar scene from Ju-on: The Grudge where Rika Nishina sees Toshio underneath a restaurant table.



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