Appeared in:

The Grudge 3







Portrayed by:

Beau Mirchoff


Andy is a character of The Grudge 3, portrayed by Beau Mirchoff. Andy is the boyfriend of Lisa Morrison and is exposed to the grudge curse that reached her apartment block.


Andy and Lisa enjoyed escapading throughout her decaying building. As Lisa was the sister of the place's manager, she would often take his keys to occupy the first empty apartment they found. Andy and Lisa also planned to move from Chicago to New York, so they could invest in their modeling careers. In one occasion, Andy and Lisa set foot in an empty apartment they soon recognized as the same one where mysterious deaths ocurred some time prior. As Lisa knew them, she felt guilty and Andy encouraged her to forget and move on, since the past couldn't "hurt" her.

Andy later met Dr. Sullivan, a psychiatrist, investigating the building and was informed by Lisa, that the only survivor of the deceased family was now dead. However, Andy indifferently suggested to Lisa that they should meet in the upper floor once again. After her neighbor Gretchen died as well, Lisa met Andy and told him about a supposed Japanese curse gathered by violent family murder in Tokyo, that reached her building and was the real reason her neighbors where dying or disappearingone by one. Andy remarked that such deaths, as strange as they were, should not prevent Lisa from living, and insisted that there was no connection between them and the Japanese murders. Decided, Lisa told him she would no longer go to New York. Andy faithfully decided to stay with Lis in Chicago. After he took her home, Andy saw a ghostly boy running upstairs and followed him to the dark and empty Room 305. As he entered the darkness, Andy was surprised by a [[Kayako Saeki|ghostly woman, and the apartment's door was shut.

As she and Rose attempted to hide from Kayako's ghost, Lisa found Andy's dead body in the bathtub. She embraced him and Andy moved and grabbed her, with the ghost manifesting in his place and rattling onto Lisa afterwards.

Notes and triviaEdit

  • Beau Mirchoff had a role in Scary Movie 4, in which The Grudge is mainly spoofed.
  • The scene in which Lisa discovers his suffocated body and Kayako'ghost manifests in his place mirrors the Grudge climax where the ghost "replaces" Doug's body and haunts Karen.