Apartment 205 is the place once owned by Kobayashi and his pregnant wife Manami. A grudge curse is gathered there after Manami is brutally murdered by Takeo Saeki, after he discovers his wife Kayako was in love for Kobayashi.


First ownersEdit

Kobayashi lived there with Manami and once left to look for his missing student Toshio. While he was out, Manami was visited by Takeo who murdered her and ripped off her fetus, setting a grudge curse in the apartment.

Later ownersEdit

Tatsuya moved with his son Nobuyuki to room 205 unaware of the place's horrific past. Nobuyuki started being haunted by a ghostly figure in the living room and was left disturbed. Worried, Tatsuya asked his sensitive sister Kyoko to visit him. Kyoko searched for the apartment's story and discovered the terrifying events that happened there, warning Tatsuya and later visiting her nephew. Kyoko found a weakened Nobuyuki in the apartment and was visited by Hashimoto, a worried neighbor asking about a "terrible woman's scream" and a "baby cry" coming from the apartment. Kyoko was later haunted by a horrific vision of Manami's murder in the living room, from which Takeo turned to stare at her.


  • Even though Manami's ghost never manifests and he is haunted and pursued by Kayako's ghost instead, Nobuyuki is the only victim of the Room 205 curse in the Ju-on film series.
  • After Ju-on: The Curse 2, the Room 205 plot and setting are abandoned and the films become focused on the Saeki house and its curse only.
  • Kyoko finds an Ofuda tablet placed at the apartment.