An apparition of the journal to Tomoka.

An apparition is the event, usually brief, in which the curse manifests itself indirectly (the ghosts of the deceased are not seen), and a cursed victim is haunted by an artifact or belonging from the rancorous ghosts. In both Ju-on and The Grudge films, Kayako's diary is usually the most prominent apparition, alongside Toshio's black cat Mar.

An apparition is also when the spirit of a victim of the grudge comes to warn, to haunt or to simply trick a cursed individual.


Japanese filmsEdit


An apparition of Toyama to his daughter

Kanna is the first apparition seen in the Ju-on films. She returned to haunt her schoolmate Hisayo and her mother Noriko in the house. Kazumi saw Mar before being taken by the curse while living in the house. Hitomi was tricked by an apparition of her brother Katsuya at her door. One night, Rika was surprised by a manifestation of Mar in the form of several black cats in her bedroom. Resisting to the grudge, Izumi was haunted and disturbed by the ghosts of her former schoolmates who were taken by the curse. Megumi, a sensitive, was taken and later returned to warn her former friends Keisuke and Kyoko, and passed the journal to them. It is also briefly seen on Tomoka's table while she is haunted by knocking sounds is her appartment.

Mirai's bag where her head was placed, as well as the cassette tape that recorded the exact time of her death often manifest to the victims of her grudge. The tape was found to be indestructible and simply returned always when someone attempted to throw it away.

American filmsEdit


Vanessa's ghost haunt Jake.

Jennifer was attracted to the house's attic by following Mar. Yoko returned to haunt and presumably take Alex, scaring him with her missing jaw. Susan saw her brother outside her apartment, but when she opened the door, Matthew was gone. Allison and Miyuki were once haunted by Mar in their classroom. Cursed people are usually haunted by Kayako's trademark dark hair in the Grudge series. Vanessa discovered her feet surrounded by it while in the shower, moments before meeting the ghost itself. Mrs. Davis also found the black wires while flipping the journal's pages.

Notes and triviaEdit

  • In an alternative sequence of The Grudge, Yoko is haunted by a shadow that transforms into Mar, which forces her to climb to the attic where she meets Kayako's ghost.


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