Toyama encounters his daughter Izumi in the house.

Atemporal connection is the event that occurs when the Ju-on Curse makes its victims, often unrelated or unknown to each other, to see (or being able to see something ominous between) themselves, regardless of their present time (or space), happening mostly at the Saeki house. Cursed individuals also can be killed by Kayako's anger as a throwback to the Saeki murders, causing events that caused the grudge curse to be recreated. 

It is very prominent in the Ju-on franchise but was at last made absent from The Grudge films with the exception of one deleted scene in The Grudge 2


Ju-on film seriesEdit


Isobe is lurked by Haru's wraith, before her eventual murder.

Moments before dying by the curse, Detective Toyama had a vision of his grown-up daughter Izumi and her schoomates in the Saeki house. Izumi was about to leave the place when she she turned around and saw him as well, at her time longtime dead. She later had a vision of him in her house before being taken by the grudge curse. After following her best friend Mariko to the house, Rika was murdered by Takeo and became an onryō as well. 

Chiharu, while working as a movie extra in a film Kyoko Harase starred, saw Toshio touching Kyoko's venter, foreshadowing the actress' fate. Kyoko later saw a desperate Chiharu trapped in the house whislt the ghost of Kayako crawled down the stairs and stared at her. Outside, Chiharu's friend Hiromi dashed off as Keisuke looked on in bewilderment. He entered the house and found Kyoko lying motionless in the hallway. 

While Atsushi Isobe entered his family's newest house, he saw his grandmother's wraith before he murdered her. He later heard what seemed to be his sister's voice calling for him through his sound recorder.

The Grudge film seriesEdit

Before discovering Kayako's journal in the closet, Eason had a brief encounter with a scared Allison trapped inside. She only ran away crying, leaving him confused. When Aubrey Davis went back to the house and confronted the curse, a vision of her sister Karen led her to Takeo, who murdered her, recreating the events that caused the grudge curse. Later, it is implied that, inside the closet, Allison could have seen the roaring ghost of Aubrey instead.

Notes and triviaEdit

  • Aubrey's fate starts as a vision (she sees Karen calling for Doug and follows her) and ends in an atemporal connection (the deceased Takeo recreates the murder of his wife through her).
  • The Grudge franchise features most prominently visions as an interlink the cursed victims or linking them to the grudge curse itself.
  • The scene of Eason and Allison's encounter was deleted from The Grudge 2.