Atsushi Isobe (磯部篤, Isobe Atsushi) is a character from Ju-on: White Ghost, portrayed by Tsuyoshi Muro. Atsushi is a young man who is possessed by an unknown force after moving to their new house and, influenced by it, murders his whole family, gathering a grudge curse in that place.


Atsushi was fond to his little niece Mirai. He moved with his family to their newest house and, while knowing the place, was led by a wraith to an empty room, where he found a covered mirror. Atsushi uncovered the mirror and was touched and possessed by his own reflection. After this, Atsushi changed to Mirai and started sexually abusing her, and distanced himself from his family. One day, Mirai was visited by her best friend Akane, and while Mirai revealed about her current situation, Atsushi appeared and kicked Akane off their house. As he touched Akane, the girl noticed something wrong in him and the house. After failing from his test two days before Christmas, Atsushi murdered his family, leaving Mirai, for last, and decapitated her with a saw. Atsushi left the rest of her body and placed Mirai's head in a bag, taking it to a distant forest. There, he set a casette to record, and the tape caught Mirai's words from the afterlife, calling for him. About to hang himself in a tree, as her ghostly head stared at him from the bag, Atsushi answered Mirai's calling, and jumped to death.


His murders set a grudge curse in their house, and was able to reach the man who drove him to the forest, Hajime. Hajime was Akane's father and was warned that he had transported a "family killer" the day before, when he saw Atsushi in the back seat. Running to check, he found his bag with Mirai's ghostly head inside. Her hands then grabbed him from behind and ripped his head off.


  • It is implied that Atsushi was possessed by his future self in an atemporal connection; the wraith of his grandmother Haru lurking him, and Mirai's voice calling for him emphasize this.


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