Bill Kimble
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Appeared in:

The Grudge 2
The Grudge 3 (pictured, mentioned)


Jake (son) (Deceased)
Lacey (daughter) (Deceased)
Trish (wife) (Deceased)







Portrayed by:

Christopher Cousins


Bill Kimble is a character from The Grudge 2, portrayed by Christopher Cousins. Bill is the father of Jake and Lacey and recently married to Trish. Bill starts feeling suspicious of Trish and assumes and agressive behaviour after a mysterious, supernatural force is taken to their house.


Bill married Trish after his first wife died. After she moved to his apartment in Chicago, Trish was well received by Lacey, but Bill's youngest son Jake initially did not accept her. Some time later, Bill was leaving to work when he returned home, suspicious about Trish as she talked to her friend Nate on the phone. Noticing his different behaviour, Trish asked if he was fine and Bill told her he haid left her car keys. Trish went to look for them, unaware Bill had the keys on his hand. Confused, Bill noticed he squeezed them until his hand bled.

Later, Lacey found Jake hidden in his closet and was told Bill and Trish argued. The morning after, Bill woke up stressed out and complained about Trish's breakfast. Possessed, Trish poured hot oil on Bill's head and hit him with her frying pan. Bill fell from his chair and bled on the floor to death, while an indiferent Trish had her breakfest. Returning from school, Jake later found his fathers's corpse at the couple's bedroom.


Jake's psychiatrist, Dr. Francine Sullivan, told Lisa Morrison that Trish became the main suspect of the supposed murder-suicide act that killed Bill, Lacey and their deceased neighbours.

Notes and triviaEdit

  • Bill's demise is reminiscent from that of Hiroshi from Ju-on: The Curse 2. Hiroshi's possessed wife Yoshimi murders him the same way, while the couple is living in the Saeki house.
  • The unrated version of The Grudge 2 features Bill and Trish talking to Mr. and Mrs. Fleming as Trish moves in to the building, and Bill bleeding to death on the floor after he is murdered. Also, a longer shot of his corpse is seen.
  • The curse's effect on Bill enhances Takeo's motivations which led to Kayako's murder.
  • Dr. Sullivan has a Japanese news report on the deaths of Bill and Trish.
  • Cousins was among of the Grudge 2 actors interviewed by Jason Cutler. As his character, the actor is visibly influenced by the grudge curse and demonstrates his arrogance onto Jason before leaving.