Kayako's death rattle

Kayako's death rattle.

A Death Rattle is an eerie sound some of the vengeful ghosts emit while haunting or pursuing a cursed victim.

In both Ju-on and The Grudge film series, Kayako's roaring rattling noise is the most prominent. Some apparitions of cursed victims are also able rattle.


Ju-on filmsEdit


Kayako's ghost rattles to her former love, Kobayashi.

When Takeo cut Kayako's throat with a stylet, her death rattle immediatelly emitted, causing her rancorous ghost to emit the eerie sound thereafter. After Kanna was taken, her ghost haunted her schoolmate Hisayo emitting an eerie sound. When Keisuke was alone at his office, his copy machine started to print out pictures of Kayako's ghost as the machine's sound slowly transformed into the rattle. Scared, Keisuke quickly turned off the copy machine.

After Haru was strangled to death by her grandson, this caused her ghost to make the exact same rattling noise.

In and outside her, the black ghost of Fukie's unborn twin is also able to rattle.

The Grudge filmsEdit

The ghost's death rattle was caused when Takeo broke Kayako's neck. Mrs. Telbet's roaring ghost haunted Allison, terrifying the girl.


  • A death rattle, known clinically as terminal respiratory secretions or simply terminal secretions,[1] is a sound often produced by someone who is near death when fluids such as saliva and bronchial secretions accumulate in the throat and upper chest.[2]
  • Takashi Shimizu created and originally performed himself Kayako's death rattle.
  • In the Ju-on films, Kayako's ghost often stares at its victims seemingly silent, mouth shut, but her death rattle is emitted either way. This differs in the Grudge films in which the ghost often haunts its victims with its pitch black mouth wide open, emitting the sound, as a reflection of how Kayako stood while dying.
  • In The Grudge 2, Aubrey's death explains what exactly caused the rattle. The sound also has some variations in this installment, such as the scene Kayako's ghost comes to her mother, and the final theatrical cut scene in which the ghost rises to Jake.