Emma Williams

Appeared in:

The Grudge


Matthew Williams (son)
Susan Williams (daughter)
Jennifer Williams (stepdaughter)







Portrayed by:

Grace Zabriskie


Emma Williams is a character of The Grudge, portrayed by Grace Zabriskie. Emma is a dementia-ridden elderly woman, mother of Susan and Matthew and mother-in-law of Jennifer. Emma is disturbed by an unseen force, inhabitant of their newest house.


When the Williamses came to know their newest house in Japan, Emma was attracted by thump noises coming from the attic. Susan found her staring at the ceiling, as the thumps continued. Some time later, Jennifer informed Matthew that Emma did not sleep at night, preventing her from sleeping as well. One afternoon while Matthew was out, Jennifer was awakened by someone and concluded it was Emma, complaining at her to ask whenever she wanted something. Jennifer saw footsteps and followed them upstairs, never returning.

Alex arrived later that night and found Emma apparently alone, going to the upper floor looking for Jennifer. Both were taken by the grudge curse. The following morning, Emma was visited by her careworker Yoko, who left her comfortable and vanished upstairs as well, and the day after by her substitute, Karen Davis, who found Emma helpless in a precarious state, seemingly alone in the house. Upstairs, Karen discovered a boy trapped in the closet and, attracted by a wraith in her bedroom, found Emma speaking alone. Emma told Karen she just wanted to be left alone. Karen attempted to calm her down and put Emma to sleep once again. Emma suddenly suffocated and Karen saw what was disturbing her, a dark, ghostly figure who killed Emma and turned to her.


Alex later arrived and discovered Emma's dead body, with Karen by its side, paralyzed in fear.


  • Emma is accurately adapted from Sachie Tokunaga, a character in Ju-on: The Grudge. Sachie's body, however, is found with her hands over her eyes.
  • Emma's mental condition is visibly worsened by the curse. In the scene the Williamses first arrive at their newest house, she is seen acting normally.
  • In the Unrated Extended Director's Cut of The Grudge, Yoko finds Emma harming herself in a metallic tape reel. Karen later makes a bandage on her wound. 
  • Emma is parodied in Scary Movie 4, in which The Grudge is one of the main spoofs.