Haru Isobe (磯部ハル, Isobe Haru) is a character from Ju-on: White Ghost, portrayed by Akiko Hoshino and Chikako Isomura. Haru was a mentally-disordered elderly woman who was also Mirai and Atsushi's grandmother. Along with the Isobe family, Haru was murdered by Atsushi and became an onryō, as their house became inhabited by an atemporal grudge curse.


Haru arrived with her family to their newest house. She was emotionally attached to a basketball she often carried and got upset when her granddaughter took it away from her. Also, she seemed to be obsessed with keeping a more younger appearance, putting on wigs and make-up. After he was possessed by an unknown force, Atsushi murdered his whole family; Haru was strangled to death with a rope.


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Haru rattles over Fumiya.

Still carrying her basketball, Haru became an onryō and started haunting her house in a time loop. She was able to lurk Atsushi in the past, attracting her grandson to the mirror that eventually took over him. A victim of her curse, Fumiya had stepped inside the Isobe house to make a Christmas delivery and was haunted by Haru's ghost, who persuaded him into murdering his girlfriend Chiho.


Haru often put on wigs to make herself become more attractive to Atsushi. Moments before her death, she was putting on make-up and wore a traditional kimono. Her ghost is white, with pitch black eyes and hair.


  • Haru disturbs and tricks Fumiya, forcing him to murder his girlfriend Chiho. This is similar to the myth of Oiwa where the spiteful ghosts of Oiwa and Kohei trick her their murder Tamiya Iemon, causing him to murder his newest wife and father-in-law.
  • Haru's murder caused her ghost to make the same death rattle the ghost of Kayako does.
  • Akiko Hoshino attended the White Ghost/Black Ghost press release as Haru.[1][2]



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