Hirohashi is a character from Ju-on: The Grudge, portrayed by Chikara Ishikura.

Biography Edit

Hirohashi is Rika's friend and employer at a wellfare center in Tokyo. After the previous social worker named Takashi originally hired to take care of Sachie disappeared, Hirohashi asked Rika to replace him and look after Sachie. Later, Rika called him from the house and said that she found a boy, who was trapped in the closet. After Rika didn't return to the center, Hirohashi went to the house to check on her and found Sachie dead and Rika in a state of shock. He called the police and was interrogated by detective Nakagawa and detective Igarashi. Later, Hirohashi returned to the center, and was eventually killed by the curse and found dead under the sink by his friend. Nakagawa and Igarashi were informed of his death and briefly investigated it before falling to the curse as well. It is unknown how Rika reacted to the news of his death, but nevertheless she continued to work at the center up until her own death from the curse.
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