Hisayo Yoshida

Appeared in:

Ju-on: The Curse (mentioned, pictured)
Ju-on: Video Side







Portrayed by:

Ayako Omura


Hisayo Yoshida (吉田久代 Yoshida Hisayo) is a character from Katasumi, portrayed by Ayako Omura. Hisayo is friends with Kanna, through whom she is reached by the curse.


Hisayo fed her rabbits while Kanna was impatient and just wanted to leave their school. After Kanna accidentally cut herself, Hisayo left looking for first aid. When she returned, Hisayo found a trail of blood and the rabbit brutally killed. Terrified, Hisayo noticed a ghostly, pale woman creeping out of the bushes and haunting her. Terrified and raising her shovel in defense, Hisayo was then surprised by a horrifying apparition of Kanna rattling at her. Hisayo then passed out, paralyzed with fear.



Something else haunts Hisayo at the corner.

Hisayo's corpse was found twisted and broken alongside Kanna's jaw and the dead rabbits. Detectives Yoshikawa and Kamio investigated Hisayo and Kanna's mysterious inexplicable deaths before falling himselves as victims of the curse.

Notes and triviaEdit

  • Hisayo is one of the first victims of the curse seen on screen and, as being cursed through Kanna instead of stepping inside her house, the first indirect victim on screen.
  • Kayako's ghost manifests to Hisayo with her long black hair covering her face, much like it is portrayed in the Grudge film series.
  • Though not shown, Hisayo's demise is similar to (and perhaps referenced in) Jake's death in The Grudge 3.
  • In the manga adaptation, her fate is different; she escapes once Kanna was caught by the ghosts and was found disturbed by the police, leaving her status unknown.
  • Hisayo's actress, Ayako Omura, also portrays Mitsuko Yoshizaki in Ju-on: The Beginning of the End.