Iizuka (飯塚 Iizuka) is character from the Ju-on: The Curse series. He investigated, alongside his fellow detective Kamio and his boss Yoshikawa, the murders of two schoolgirls and furthermore in the sequel, the murders of three families. Unlike Kamio, he seems to be still a rookie in the job. He is played by Reita Serizawa.

Biography Edit

Ju-on: The CurseEdit

In the Kanna segment, Iizuka is seen with Kamio and Yoshikawa when the coroner was examinating the twisted body of Hisayo Yoshida and also the ripped jaw from another person. They were wondering about the person who the jaw belonged to and if that person could be alive after such injuries.

Ju-on: The Curse 2 Edit

Iizuka appears in the Kamio segment, he was seen discusing with Kamio the murders of the Murakami, Kobayashi, Kitada and Suzuki families in the car while also watching the sole survivor of the Suzuki, Nobuyuki, returning from school. Kamio warned him about this, suggesting that he should leave the case until something bad could happen to him.

They went to visit Yoshikawa to thank him about his collaboration in the case but then his wife told them that he couldn't see them because he was feeling sick. They spot a disturbed Yoshikawa sitting outside in his garden but when he saw them he started to uncontrollably screaming in horror with his wife begging them to leave the house as soon as possible while taking her terrified husband inside.

At the police apartment, Iizuka is warned by his partner Kamio about the investigation once again by comparing two images of Yoshimi Kitada, where her look in the second picture strongly resembled to the deceased wife of the first family, Kayako Saeki. Convinced that they were dealing with something beyond them, Kamio burnt the photo and entered to his office, leaving the case.

Suddenly, an officer informed Iizuka that Kayako was waiting to see them, much to his confusion as she was found dead before, then Kayako lurked behind them and entered into Kamio's office. Just seconds after the ghost entered, a highly disturbed Kamio escaped from the office acting in the same way Yoshikawa did before. Neither Iizuka or the office had a clue of what happened and Kamio was so scared to even say a word. Both entered to see what scared Kamio, leaving him outside but then he was taken.

It's unknown what happened to him afterwards but is possible that the curse reached him through Kamio.

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