John Fleming
John Fleming

Appeared in:

The Grudge 2


Annie Fleming (wife) (deceased)
Allison Fleming (daughter) (deceased)







Portrayed by:

Paul Jarrett


John Fleming is a character of The Grudge 2. He is the father of Allison and husband of Annie. He is portrayed by Paul Jarrett.


Mr. Fleming and his wife were good friends of their neighbors, the Kimble and ocasionally invited them to dinner at their house.

After Allison had a traumatic experience in Tokyo and went back to Chicago, their parents went to pick her and brought her into the apartment, none of them knowing she was carrying a deadly curse. At night, Jake noticed their arrival and saluted Fleming, who had no response and entered his room.

Aftermath Edit

From that point on, the ghosts started to kill everyone in the appartment until Jake was left. Jake watched Allison escaping in horror from her house (most likely because she saw their bodies) and discovered their parents dead and the whole house in a mess.

They were killed either by a possessed Trish or by the ghosts themselves, but since Dr. Sullivan confirmed Trish killed the whole family, she most likely became the suspect of their murders too.

Mr. Fleming dead in the alternate ending.


  • His character had more screentime in the Unrated Director's Cut and the Alternate Ending, otherwise the only time he's seen is when Allison arrived.