Ju-on: White Ghost / Black Ghost
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Ju-on: White Ghost/Black Ghost (呪怨: 白い老女 Ju-on: Shiroi Rōjo, and 呪怨: 黒い少女 Ju-on: Kuroi Shōjo) are two horror films released in honor of the tenth anniversary of the Ju-on series, marking the fifth and sixth installments in the franchise, respectively. In White Ghost, the spiteful ghosts of an abused girl and her grandmother, both mercilessly murdered, return to haunt and take victims under their grudge. In Black Ghost the grudge of an unborn being spreads from a young girl to herself and everyone around her. White Ghost is produced, written and directed by Ryuta Miyake, and Black Ghost by Mari Asato. Takashi Shimizu worked as a supervising producer for both films.

Plot Edit

Black Ghost Edit

Black Ghost is divided into seven segments in the following order: Tetsuya (徹也), Yuko (裕子), Ayano (綾乃), Fukie (芙季絵), Yokota (横田), Mariko (真理子), and Kiwako (季和子).

A young girl, Fukie Yokota, begins to be haunted by ghosts, including the spirit of her unborn twin. One day, at school, she gets attacked by the ghosts and collapses on the floor. After she recovers, she meets her mother, Kiwako, and they go back home, where they meet Fukie's father, Yokota. Fukie suddenly gets possesed by her twin, screams and lets out strange croaking noise and collapses on the floor again.Yokota goes to her. She grabs his hand, and tells him that he will kill "that woman", meaning his employee, Ayano Fuji. Later, that night, Yokota meets with Fuji and they cath a taxi of a taxi driver Hajime Kashiwagi. Fukie's twin posseses Fuji. Fukie and Kiwako go to a hospital and meet a nurse named Yuko. During a psychology test Fukie is hypnotized, and possesed by her twin again, rendering her having to stay at the hospital and cared by Yuko. The doctor tells Kiwako that a cyst was discovered in Fukie's body, but it is actually the physical remnant of Fukie's unborn twin who merged with her body before birth. After Fuji doesn't come to work, Yokota goes to her apartment while Toshio appears to a man called Yoshio and asks him to look for Mar. Yoshio meets Yokota near Fuji's apartment and asks him about Mar. Fukie's twin forces Yokota to kill Fuji, fulfilling her prediction. Kiwako understands that Fukie's condition is supernatural and decides to ask for help her younger sister, Mariko, who is a medium. Kiwako goes to Mariko's house and asks her to examine Fukie. Mariko agrees to help her, and they go to a hospital. There Mariko feels curse's presense and they meet Yuko. Mariko decides to prepare for a ritual to banish the spirits and promises to come back later. While going home from work, Yuko meets her neighbor, Tetsuya. Yokota wakes up in Fuji's apartment, finds her body, and realises that he's killed her. He tries to bury her in a forest, but is eventually killed by Fukie's twin. Mariko prepares for a ritual, comes to a hospital, and performs a ritual to banish the spirits, but they force her to kill Fukie instead. Mariko accidentally kills Fukie by expelling her soul from her body and they don't even notice it. Later, Fukie's twin attacks Yuko. That night, Fukie's twin possesses her body and arrives at Mariko's house. Fukie's twin kills Mariko, Yoshieki, and Takashi, and returns to the hospital. Their bodies are found at their house and Kiwako is informed of their deaths. She arrives at the hospital and finds out that Fukie is dead. She sits by her body, mourns her death, and sees her ghost. Kiwako goes to rooftop and sees Mariko's ghost, who tells her that she is sorry, then disappears. Kiwako takes Fukie to the roof, takes her in her arms, and jumps off the roof with her. Kiwako sees Fukie's twin and dies from her injuries. Next day, Tetsuya's friends, Ryuta and Mutsumi, come to his apartment and they discuss Yuko's behaviour. Ryuta and Mutsumi recall Matsuoka family murder and jokingly suspect Yuko about it. Fukie's twin grabs Tetsuya's leg, drags him in Yuko's apartment, closes the door, and kills him by repeatedly hitting his head on a wall. Then she turns to Yuko and kills her by breaking her neck.

White Ghost Edit


Mirai's ghost haunts Hajime.

White Ghost is divided into eight segments in the following order: Fumiya (文哉), Kashiwagi (柏木), Akane (あかね), Isobe (磯部), Chiho (千穂), Mirai (未来), Yasukawa (安川), and Atsushi (篤).

The Isobe family, including daughter Mirai and her uncle Atsushi, have moved to Matsuoka house. Atsushi is possessed by a spirit from a mirror, distances himself from the others, and starts to abuse Mirai. Mirai's sensitive friend and classmate, Hajime's daughter, Akane, gives her bear keychain as gift, and visits her one day, but is kicked out by Atsushi. Toshio appears in the cortyard and "plays" with Mirai's toy dog. Two days before Christmas Atsushi deliberately fails his tests. The night before Christmas he kills his whole family, decapitates Mirai with a saw, takes her head, places it in a bag, and leaves the house. Next day, he catches Hajime's taxi while a delivery boy Fumiya Hajimoto delivers a cake to the family's house, and is tormented by the ghosts. Atsushi comes to a forest where he records his last words with Mirai on a tape and hangs himself. Later, Hajime drives Akane to school, and is killed by Mirai. That evening, Fumiya is comforted by detective Yasukawa at a police station and reunited with his girlfriend, Chiho. They celebrate Christmas Eve in their apartment when Haru appears and forces Fumiya to kill Chiho by stabbing her with a knife. Years later, Akane is playing Kokkuri with her friends, Mayumi and Yuka, and Mayumi suggests calling Hajime. The board spells "Mirai". Akane sees Mirai, and runs out of class, leaving her friends puzzled. While Mayumi goes back to the class to grab her things, Yuka goes to the restroom and is killed by Haru. Walking near the former Isobe household, Akane remembers her last visit to Mirai, and regrets that she didn't helped her then. Akane finally comes back home, and meets Mirai, who returns her keychain as a keepsake and disappears.

Notes and triviaEdit

  • The cursed tape in White Ghost resembles the cursed tape in Ringu/The Ring.
  • Akiko Hoshino and Shūsei Uto attended the press release as the ghosts themselves, Haru and Toshio respectivelly.[1]
  • The Wii game Ju-on: The Grudge was first screened during this films' press release.[2][3].
  • These films are different from the other Ju-on films, as they mainly focuse on the Yokota and Isobe families and get away from the Saeki family and their house. The only members of the Saeki family who appeared in these films are Toshio and Mar.