Detective Kamio (神尾 Kamio) is a character from Ju-on: The Curse and The Curse 2, portrayed in both films by Suwa Taro. Kamio, alongside Det. Yoshikawa, investigated the gruesome deaths of two schoolgirls and was eventually affected by the same grudge curse that victimized them.


Kamio joined Det. Yoshikawa in the investigation on the gruesome death of a schoolgirl whose body was found twisted and broken at her school campus. The coroner showed them a ripped human jaw that was found near the corpse but did not belong to it. Their fellow investigator Iizuka revealed the identities of the deceased, Kanna Murakami and Hisayo.

After Yoshikawa suddenly quit with his work, Kamio and Iizuka went to visit their boss at his house, but his wife was unreceptive of them and told Kamio they could not see Yoshikawa, as he was "sick". Kamio and Iizuka then found Yoshikawa at his backyard, seemingly quiet and distracted, talking to himself up until he noticed Iizuka and Kamio and screamed in fear. As Kamio and Iizuka were later watching over Nobuyuki, the sole survivor of a family who supposedly committed suicide, Kamio recollected the strange events up to that point that seemed related to each other: the murder of Manami Kobayashi, the death of her husband at the Saeki household and the deaths and disappearances in the Murakami and Kitada families which also happened to occupy that same vacant house. Iizuka suggested the missing people could not necessarily be dead, and that a criminal could be involved. Kamio remarked that Yoshikawa's sudden behavior change happened after investigating those cases, and told Iizuka he found a strange photograph in Yoshikawa's files.

At the police department, Kamio showed Iizuka two pictures of Yoshimi Kitada, before and after she moved to the vacant Saeki household respectively. The surveillance shot of her inside the house actually revealed the face of a different, deceased woman: Kayako Saeki. Kamio then burned the photographs, stating he no longer wanted to be involved in those cases, advising Iizuka of doing the very same. As Kamio entered his office, he was haunted off by Kayako's ghost, screaming in terror and scaring Iizuka and a female cop. Iizuka and the cop entered the office, and Kamio was left alone at the hall, only to be surprised by the ghostly woman once again, right under his seat.

Notes and triviaEdit

  • Although he is aware of the chain events rooted by the Saeki/Kobayashi grudge curses, Kamio did not seem to have actually stepped inside any of the cursed places (the Saeki house and apartment 205), thus presumably having being cursed through Det. Yoshikawa.


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