Katsuya Tokunaga (徳永勝也 Tokunaga Katsuya) is a character from Ju-on: The Grudge and Ju-on: The Grudge 2, portrayed by Kanji Tsuda.


Katsuya is came with her wife and mother to the house sometime after the incident with the previous families. He comes home to find the house untidy and his wife lying on the bed unable to move or speak, her eyes wide open with shock. As he prepares to call for an ambulance, he senses another presence in the room and soon encounters the ghostly boy, Toshio. Katsuya asks who he is but gets no reply as the closet doors shake. Kazumi's eyes widen, her mouth opens, and she rises before falling back and becoming still. Katsuya huddles into a corner with fear and his facial expression suddenly turns evil. The shadow of something descending from the ceiling is cast on him.

Hitomi arrives for dinner and calls for Katsuya and Kazumi but receives no response. Upstairs, Katsuya carries Kazumi's limp body into another room. Hitomi hears the door closing and walks to the stairs and sees her brother sitting there. Katsuya is behaving strangely and keeps muttering something about his wife cheating on him and a child that isn't his. She asks where Kazumi is but Katsuya absent-mindedly tells her now is a bad time for her visit and ushers her out of the house. Back indoors, Katsuya walks up the stairs towards the room where his wife's body is with an evil expression on his face while Kayako's face appears in a window of the room. Later, Nakagawa and Igarashi find his body and Kazumi's dead in the attic.

After being haunted at her work, Hitomi is tricked by an apparition of Katsuya when she locked herself in her appartment, thinking he was outside.


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