She never forgets. She never forgives. She is Kayako Saeki!

Kayako Seaki is character who appearedin The Grudge and The Grudge 2 played by Takako Fuji and The Grudge 3 played by Aiko Horiuchi.

Early lifeEdit

Kayako was born in 1971 by Nakagawa Kawamata. It was revealed in The Grudge 2 that her mother being an Itako used to fed her the evil spirits of her patients. This marked Kayako for the rest of her life. Kayako later married a man named Takeo Seaki and had a son named Toshio in 1993. Kayako later developed an obssesion with a man named Peter Kirk. On November 1, 2001 Takeo found Kayako's diary a found out her love for Peter. When Kayako returned from work she found him reading her diary. Takeo saw her and in fright she tried to run but sprained her ankle. Takeo grabbed her and snaped her neck and placed her body in a body bag in the attic. He later drowned Toshio in the bathtub. In revenge Kayako hanged him using her hair.