Konishi is a character from Ju-on: The Beginning of the End, and Ju-on: The Final.


Appeared in:

Ju-on: The Beginning of the End (mentioned, pictured, voice)

Ju-on: The Final (mentioned, pictured)


Unknown family








Biography Edit

Konishi was a homeroom teacher of Class 3-3 and Yui Ikuno's colleague and predecessor on this position. At some point, Toshio became his student, but soon after he suddenly stopped coming to school. Konishi was concerned by it and tried to call his house, but no one answered. Then he decided to visit him. Konishi came to Saeki house and met Kayako. She repeatedly said that Toshio was resting and Konishi was not able to meet him. Eventually Konishi decides to visit Saeki house again. He returns to Saeki house and falls under the curse's influence. He goes back to shool and begins to draw spirals in his diary. He quits from his work at school and tries to escape the curse, but is eventually killed. Inui learned of his death from his family and replaced him with Yui. Yui read Konishi's journal, relived his experience, and met the same demise. Yui's older sister, Mai, acquired and read his diary while searching for Yui before being killed by the curse as well.