Appeared in:

The Grudge 2
The Grudge 3 (mentioned)


Bill (father) (Deceased)
Unnamed mother (Deceased)
Trish (stepmother) (Deceased)
Jake (brother) (Deceased)







Portrayed by:

Sarah Roemer


Lacey is a character from The Grudge 2, portrayed by Sarah Roemer. Lacey is a resident of the apartment building reached by the grudge curse after Allison returned from Japan.


Lacey lived with her widower father Bill and younger brother Jake. Alongside her best friend and neighbor Sally, she soon welcomed Bill's newest wife Trish into their lives, as she moved in. At one morning, Jake first told Lacey about strange noises coming from next door. Dressed as a cheerleader, Lacey later visited Sally in her apartment to have an opinion but found her apparently sick. At her door, Lacey tried to get any answer from Sally, but she only stood still, threateningly staring at her. As Sally started throwing up milk front Lacey, Jake called her and Lacey went to check him at their house.

Lacey found a scared Jake hidden inside his wardrobe, and was told that Bill and Trish had argued. Jake told her he missed their mother, and Lacey comforted him. Lacey was later awake by Jake in the middle of the night, after he visited the apartment next door and saw "eyes" at their window that were actually the ghosts of Vanessa and Miyuki. Returning from school, Jake warned Lacey about "something bad" coming from the Flemings' apartment, to which she skeptically reacted. Lacey then found their door semi open and, inside the apartment, separated from Jake. Jake then dicovered his father's dead body, running back to Lacey. Hearing a gagging-like noise, he went to the bathroom and found her dead body lying with her head inside the filled bathtub.


As suggested by Dr. Sullivan, Trish became the main suspect of the deaths in murder-suicide act.

Notes and triviaEdit

  • It is uncertain if Lacey was killed by a possessed Trish or a manifestation of Takeo himself.
  • A lot like Via and Miranda from the movie Wonder who care for Via's younger brother August and are very protective and sweet to him, Lacey does the same for Jake by comforting him, caring a lot about him, and even spending a night with him.


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