Matthew Williams
Grudge-still-of-william-mapother-in-the-grudge-(2004) - Cópia

Appeared in:

The Grudge


Emma Williams (mother)
Susan Williams (sister)
Jennifer Williams (wife)







Portrayed by:

William Mapother


Matthew Williams is a character from The Grudge, portrayed by William Mapother. Matthew joins his sister Susan in Japan, as he moves with his wife Jennifer and mother Emma to their newest house in Tokyo, unaware of the place's murderous past, and its inhabitant grudge curse.



Matthew is taken.

Matthew moved to Japan for business reasons. He assured Jennifer, who felt uncomfortable under his mother's condition (and in a different country), that they would return to the US in case she did not adapt. One night after returning work, Matthew found the place in a complete mess. He attempted to talk to Emma but the elderly woman remained mute. Going upstairs, he found a suffocated Jennifer on their bed. About to call for emergency, he was surprised by a ghostly boy in the bedroom, and was possessed by the curse. Susan later arrived and found the house seemingly empty. Matthew dragged Jennifer's body to the attic while Susan was downstairs in the kitchen. At the staircase, she found Matthew acting weirdly and violently, and asked for their mother. Matthew only expelled Susan from his house, going back upstaris and entering the closet room, followed by a dark wraith.


Matthew and Jennifer's corpses were later discovered by Detective Nakagawa in the attic. The police concluded Matthew murdered Jennifer and killed himself afterwards. Before she was taken, Susan was tricked by an apparition of Matthew, which talked to her on the phone.

Notes and triviaEdit

  • Matthew is accurately adapted from Katsuya of Ju-on: The Grudge.
  • The "Stop it!" scene in which Matthew kicks Susan out of the house was deleted from the final cut, after Shimizu-san felt it took the focus off Kayako. He is the first possessed character in the Grudge films, followed by Trish and Max.
  • Similarly to Matthew, Trish was blamed for the Chicago deaths in a supposed murder-suicide act.