Megumi Obayashi
Буфер обмена-1-3

Appeared in:

Ju-on: The Grudge 2


Keisuke's crew






Human, later ghost



Portrayed by:

Emi Yamamoto

Megumi Obayshi is a character in Ju-on: The Grudge 2, portayed by Emi Yamamoto.

Biography Edit

Megumi was born a sensitive. At some point, she met Keisuke, joined his crew and became a hair and make-up stylist. On his request she became occasional reluctant actress and played ghosts times in his movies. Keisuke casted her as ghosts, because he thought she looked like one and they had something in common. In the crew she also met and befriended a TV hostess Tomoka Miura and another horror star actress Kyoko Harase. At some point, the crew began shooting a horror movie, but they were interrupted, when one of the extras, a girl named Chiharu, saw Toshio near Kyoko, screamed in terror and then fainted. Later, that day, Chiharu woke up, but mysteriously died soon after. Some time after Chiharu's death, the crew learned of the Saeki house and planned to shoot an episode there. Megumi met Tomoka in a dressing room. The crew went to Saeki house. Megumi styles Kyoko's hair in Kayako's room. Megumi senses that Kyoko is pregnant and gives her a good luck charm. Just when Keisuke was about to lock the house and leave, Megumi remembers that she has left her purse on the table in Kayako's room and goes back to the room to take it. The crew returns to studio. Megumi comes to dressing room and combs some wigs when Kayako begins haunting her and posessed one of the wigs. Kayako appears out of the wig and approaches Megumi while she screams in terror. Keisuke hears her scream and runs to her, but is too late and Kayako kills her. He comes to dressing room and finds it empty, Megumi having disappeared with Kayako. Sometime later, Megumi's ghost appears to Kyoko and Keisuke outside Harase house, goes inside and disappears. They follow her and search her in the house. She eventually appears to Keisuke and leaves him the Kayako's diary before disappearing. Later, Megumi crawls out of stain and reaches out to Kyoko. Aki appears on the other side of the table grabs Kyoko's hand and wakes her up. Megumi emits a terrifying distorted moan and disappears along with Aki. Kyoko realizes what just happened and their appearance promts her to go to the house again.