Mrs. Davis

Appeared in:

The Grudge 2


Karen Davis (daughter) (deceased)
Aubrey Davis (daughter) (deceased)







Portrayed by:

Joanna Cassidy


Mrs. Davis is a character from The Grudge 2, portrayed by Joanna Cassidy. Davis is the ill mother of Aubrey and Karen. She orders Aubrey to travel to Tokyo after the Saeki house fire incident involving Karen left her hospitilized.



Mrs. Davis as she is caught by the curse.

Mrs. Davis lived with her daughters in Pasadena, California. After a poorly informed incident that killed her older daughter Karen's boyfriend Doug, Mrs. Davis sent the younger daughter, Aubrey, to bring Karen back home. Aubrey reluctantly traveled there, and Mrs. Davis is later informed by Aubrey that Karen had also died. Aubrey also revealed to her mother her true feelings towards her and her predilection to Karen. Aubrey, however, told Mrs. Davis she still loved her before saying goodbye.

In an alternative ending, Mrs. Davis received Aubrey's belonging with Kayako's diary attached to them. As she flipped through its pages, the curse reached her. Mrs. Davis ended up spewing Kayako's head, her jaw being ripped off in the act.


  • Mrs. Davis' fate is not shown in the theatrical cut, but is available as an epilogue in The Grudge 2 Director's Cut DVD. Joanna Cassidy mentioned the scene in an interview at The Grudge 2 premiere.
  • Mrs. Davis is the third character in both Ju-on and The Grudge franchises to have her jaw ripped off by the curse, and the only one to have her ripping seen on screen. She is followed by Gretchen and Yoko.
  • The Unrated Director's Cut features one shot of Mrs. Davis picking up the phone as Aubrey contacts her one last time. In the theatrical cut, only her voice is heard.
  • One of the photographs has Mrs. Davis with Karen only, showing that she is favored daughter.