Naoto Miyakoshi is a character in Ju-on: The Beginning of the End, portrayed by Sho Aoyagi.

Naoto Miyakoshi

Appeared in:

Ju-on: The Beginning of the End


Ikuno Shouno Yui (partner)







Portrayed by:

Sho Aoyagi


Biography Edit

Naoto is Yui's boyfriend and a filmmaker. One day, Yui called Naoto to tell him about her new assignment as a teacher. He congratulated her and said that they should celebrate. Yui and Naoto celebrated Yui's assignment at their apartment and discussed Naoto's film. Naoto works home when ghosts begin to haunt him and he hears the meowing. Mar appears in the the microwave and sets it off, then disappears. Naoto opens the microwave and sees nothing. Naoto leaves apartment for awhile. When he returns, he finds Yui by a window. She draws spiral on the window, and faints. He catches her and takes her to bed. He finds Kayako's diary inside her bag and reads it. While he's reading, Kayako appears behind him, then in front of him, but he don't notices that. Naoto sees Kayako's eye in the diary and screams in fear. Kayako disappears and he decides to visit Saeki house and leaves the apartment. Naoto goes to the Saeki house and enters inside. Naoto meets with Kyosuke, who tells him about the curse, about Toshio's first death, and about Aoi's and her sister's fate. Naoto goes to library and reads about Toshio's first death. Naoto returns to apartment, checks on Yui and sees that something is under her blanket. He pulls off the blanket, but sees nothing. Naoto finds out that Toshio Yamaga and Toshio Saeki are one and the same. Kayako appears behind him, grabs his head, and slowly begins to turn it backwards. She snaps his neck and kills him and later Yui finds his body. After her ordeal at the house, Yui wakes up in her bed and hears his voice. Kayako posseses Naoto and attacks Yui in his body, presumably killing her shortly after.

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