An ofuda inscription.

Ofuda (御札 or お札 o-fuda, "a charm") is a tablet or amulet on which is written the name of a deity. It can be made of wood, paper, cloth, or metal. Taken home, it may may also be placed inside a private shrine, or kamidana (神棚, kami-dana, lit. "god-shelf") and worshiped to obtain divine aid, such as protection, a gofu (護符). It may also be called shinpu (神符).

It is to be renewed yearly, typically before the end of a year, and attached to a door, pillar, or ceiling. It is believed to protect the family in residence from general harm, such as a disease. A more specific o-fuda may be placed near particular objects such as one for kitchen to protect from accidental fire. A popular o-fuda called jingū-taima (神宮大麻) or simply taima (大麻) is issued by Ise Shrine. It is made from hemp cloth; the use of hemp as a material was common from antiquity.

A portable form of o-fuda, commonly called omamori (お守り or 御守, o-mamori) is typically given out wrapped in a small bag made of decorated cloth. This originates from Onmyōdō and Buddhism, but was subsequently adopted by Shinto. Both Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines give out these o-mamori. While an o-fuda is said to protect a whole family, an o-mamori offers support for personal benefits. The image of Ofuda Appeared by Taga-taisha ofuda.

In Ju-onEdit


Kyoko opens the ofuda in Tatsuya's apartment.

Kyoko finds an ofuda tablet in the cursed apartment 205, presumably placed by her brother Tatsuya.