Principal Dale2

Appeared in:

The Grudge 2







Portrayed by:

Eve Gordon


Principal Dale is character from The Grudge 2 played by Eve Gordon. She was the counselor of the Tokyo International School that Allison, Vanessa and Miyuki assisted.


She is a secondary character in the Tokyo segment. Allison and Vanessa went to speak with her after Miyuki disappeared without a trace, then Allison broke into tears and complained to Vanessa about why she had to take her into the house. Allison then leaves with the principal going to comfort her, leaving Vanessa alone who was soon haunted.

Soon after this, she went with the police to the Saeki house offscreen, but the curse reached her and was killed.


Allison is haunted by an apparition of her counselor.

Once Vanessa disappeared too, Allison, knowing she will be next, went to talk to the principal, who explained her that everything is okay as she went to the house which shocked Allison because it meant that she will be targeted too. The principal finishes by telling Allison that her friends are in the room too, then Vanessa's and Miyuki's ghosts appear sitting next to Allison, which scared her and then the principal revealed herself as a ghost too, forcing Allison to go back to Chicago.


  • Unlike Vanessa and Miyuki, her ghost was never seen chasing Allison all the way to Chicago for some reason.
  • It's unknown if Toshio or Kayako killed Principal Dale it's most likely certain Kayako killed her as she targeted Allison, Vanessa and Miyuki as her victims.
  • It's unknown how she died.