Sachie Tokunaga

Appeared in:

Ju-on: The Grudge


Katsuya Tokunaga (son) (deceased)
Hitomi Tokunaga (daughter) (deceased)
Kazumi Tokunaga (daughter-in-law) (deceased)







Portrayed by:

Chikako Isomura


Sachie Tokunaga (徳永幸枝 Tokunaga Sachie) is a character from Ju-on: The Grudge, portrayed by Chikako Isomura. She's Katsuya and Hitomi's mother as well as Kazumi's mother-in-law.


Sachie is already seen in a disturbed state, not speaking to anyone which most likely began after they arrived into the house. She had constant stirring which couldn't let Kazumi sleep. The curse soon took Katsuya and Kazumi, leaving her alone in the house.

Juon5626 gal

Rika comforting a disturbed Sachie.

At some point, a social worker named Takashi was sent to take care of her but was taken by the curse as well.

She was found laid in the mess of her home by social worker Rika Nishina sent by Hirohashi to take care of her after the previous social worker assigned to her dissapeared. Rika started cleaning the house but started to have a bad feeling and then found a boy and cat in the attic and went to talk with her. Suddenly a dark shadow descends on Sachie while making a Death rattle. She dies and the ghost stares at Rika causing her to faint.

Her body was later found by Hirohashi and taken to the morgue when the detectives arrived.