Sekine is a character from Ju-on: The Grudge, portrayed by Akira Saito.


Appeared in:

Ju-on: The Grudge


Unknown/Most likely deceased





Portrayed by:

Akira Saito


Biography Edit

Sekine is Izumi's, Chiharu's, Miyuki's, Hiromi's, Saori's, Chiaki's and Ayano's teacher at their school. He went on a school trip and made photos with them. The curse affects the photos and eerily blackens out Izumi's, Saori's, Chiaki's and Ayano's eyes, though, unlike them, it didn't affect Chiharu, Miyuki and Sekine, what meant that they wasn't it's target at the moment. The affected photos weren't placed on the students mural which upset Izumi. Later, he was walking through the school and walked past Izumi, Chiharu, and Miyuki who was sitting at the staircase, wandering why there is no Izumi's photos at the mural, and Chiharu called him out on this. He noticed upset Izumi and asked what wrong. Chiharu and Miyuki told him that there were no photos of Izumi in the mural and asked what's up with it. He promised to look for photos and return them later. Chiharu and Miyuki followed him to get the photos. He eventually got the photos and gave them to Chiharu and Miyuki. Chiharu said that they were going to Izumi's and he wanted to go with them, but Chiharu grabbed the photos from his hand and they ran away with Miyuki telling him that he doesn't need to come. Sekine then asked them to talk with Izumi's mother, Yoko, for him. He didn't appear after this and it is unknown what happened to him, but he was most likely killed by the curse eventually.