A shadow is the phenomenon in which a rancorous ghost manifests as a black wraith to haunt a cursed individual. Shadows are featured in the third Ju-on film and more prominently The Grudge film series.


Ju-on filmsEdit

Ju-tumblr mv9nm5o3I91reitwwo3 250

Rika is surprised by a shadow over Sachie.

Rika's first sight of Kayako's ghost was as a dark wraith above a cursed Sachie, which stared at Rika and left her unconscious. Hitomi also saw a shadow coming towards the security camera, and ran away scared. The same shadow transformed into a black figure of Kayako and stared at Toyama, while he reluctantly investigated the video.

The Grudge filmsEdit

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A shadow caught in Susan's office's security camera.

When Yoko came to the Williams home to take care of Emma, she saw a black shadow moving in the hall, which materialized into a black cat. Scared, she entered the closet and climbed to the attic, where she met Kayako's ghost and was taken by the curse. Her substitute Karen's first sight of Kayako's spirit was as a dark wraith above the ill-fated Emma. The dark figure turned to Karen and left her paralyzed in fear. Karen was later pursued by a shadow the ghost throughout the hospital. While Susan was haunted in her office building, she saw a moving shadow caught in the security camera and ran off the building scared. The same video was investigated by Detective Nakagawa, to whom the shadow walked towards the camera, and Kayako's voice was heard, saying "I know something about Peter". Eason took several photographs of the Saeki house and, while in his darkroom, noticed a black shadow standing in front of the house. The shadow started moving in front of Eason and, from the picture, Kayako's ghost came to take him.


  • The rancorous black ghost of Fukie's unborn twin resembles a shadow.
  • In Ju-on: The Grudge, the shadow seemingly pulls the guard into the bathroom as Hitomi watches, while in The Grudge the guard enters and leaves normally, leaving Susan briefly relieved.
  • The trailer for The Grudge has one shot of a shadow in the house, unused in the actual film.
  • The scene where a ghostly Mar haunts Yoko up to the attic is an alternative sequence unused in the final cut of The Grudge.
  • Yoko's scene with Mar is an alternate sequence unused in The Grudge.