Sota Kitamura

Appeared in:

Ju-on: The Final


Ikuno Shouno Mai (girlfriend)






Human, later ghost



Portrayed by:

Ren Kiriyama

Sota Kitamura is a character from Ju-on: The Final, portrayed by Ren Kiriyama.

Biography Edit

Sota is Ikuno Mai's boyfriend and the train station guard. One night, Mai and Sota were sleeping in their apartment when Yui visited them. Mai woke up and told Sota that she's had a strange dream about Yui. Mai and Sota returned to their apartment and listened to Yui's voicemail that Mai received and saved while working at a hotel. They heard Yui's breathing and then a death rattle. Sota got scared by it and turned it off. Next evening, Sota returns home from work and sees Mai reading Kayako's diary. When she goes to the bathroom and takes a shower, he reads the diary too, gets scared, and disturbed by it, and tries to dispose of it. Next evening, Sota meets Kayako in the metro, hears her repeating her quotes from the diary and recognizes her as it's owner. Later, Sota follows Mai to Reo's house after she met Kyosuke at the place where the Saeki house was. He sees Ena in the hospital window and goes to her. He meets and questions her about the house and it's inhabitants and experiences her telepathic visions. He goes to the house, finds Toshio and is attacked and strangled by him. He grabs and strangles him in self-defense and Toshio fools him into thinking that he killed him. Sota then returns to his and Mai's apartment, sees Kayako's diary again and tries to burn it, but is unsuccesful. Later, that evening, Mai calls him, but receives no answer. Soon, he is killed by Kayako, and Mai returns to apartment and finds him dead. Later, Sota's ghost goes back in time, appears in a hotel just hours before his death and walks around it to attract Mai's attention. She sees and follows him to the elevator. He enters and disappears while Mai finds it filled with Toshio's replicas. This encounter is a reason she called him right before he died.

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