Toshio yamada onryo Ju-On TBTE

Toshio Yamada's ghost

Toshio Yamada
is a cursed soul of a young boy who is happened to be Toshio Saeki's past incarnation prior to his reincarnation into Toshio Saeki. He serves as main antagonist of Ju-on: The Beginning of the End


First DeathEdit

Toshio Yamada was murdered by his parents by locked into his own closet and left to die during a heat wave. His dead body later uncovered by social worker and teacher Mitsuko Yoshizaki, photographer Yamamoto, and police officer after hearing report about child abuse in Yamada household. Toshio's death gathered a grudge curse at his house, and those who entered the house will die at hands of its occult inhabitants.

The curse affected schoolgirls Yayoi, Aoi, Rina and Nanami. During this moment, his house was sold to a couple named Kayako Saeki and Takeo Saeki who happily accept the house as their new home, unaware with the curse within.

Reincarnation into Toshio SaekiEdit

Due to Kayako was troubled by her incapability to conceive a child, Toshio sees it as opportunity to live again by entering her body, and thus reborn as a boy named Toshio Saeki. Toshio was close to his mother, but grew more and more distant from his father. This resulting Takeo's relationship with his wife and son become sour. To make matter worse, Takeo not only feels jealous with his son's better relationship with his mother, but also disturbed.

Second Death and AfterlifeEdit

Ultimately, Takeo began to questioned his parenthood on Toshio to Kayako. Kayako nonchalantly claimed that Toshio is her child and her child alone, not Takeo, even goes so far to mocked him. The now broken-hearted Takeo then angrily, and tearfully snapped Kayako's neck. He then fried Mar alive within a microwave before took a kitchen knife to kill Toshio. This act resulting the renewal of grudge curse in the house, as when Toshio returned as vengeful spirit once more, he now returned alongside his new mother Kayako.


  • Unlike Toshio Saeki who mostly passive in both original series and The Grudge trilogy, Toshio Yamada is more active in claiming his victims, even more than Kayako herself.