Trish Kimble is a main character from The Grudge 2, portrayed by actress Jennifer Beals. Trish is Bill's newest wife and after moving in to the apartment in Chicago, she crosses paths with the mysterious curse that is haunting the location.

She was an eventual victim of the curse.


After Bill and Trish married, they moved together to a new apartment in Chicago with their two children. Once they arrived, they were warmly greeted by their new neighbors John and Annie Fleming, who invited them to come over for dinner as a way to welcome them.

Trish was fondly received by Bill’s oldest daughter Lacey Kimble and her best friend and neighbour Sally. Jake Kimble, however, still missed his deceased mother was resistant to any attempts at bonding with his stepmother. Trish assured him that she did not want to be called his "mom" anyway and is fine with him calling her Trish, and that he could talk to her whenever he needed to.

One morning, after the kids headed off to school, Trish was talking with her friend Nate on the phone when she was surprised by a suspicious Bill who was eavesdropping. Trish told him she was talking to Nate and asked if he was fine. Bill, after a moments hesitation, told her he forgot his car keys, and Trish left to look for them, unaware that Bill was squeezing the keys in anger, until his hand bled.

Lacey later found Jake hidden in his closet, and was told that Bill and Trish argued. The following morning, Bill woke up stressed out while Trish was already awake, attracted to something coming from the apartment next door. She started to mindlessly finish cooking the bacon, to the point of burning them to a crisp.

As Bill started complaining about her burnt up breakfast and distraction, and accusing her of having an affair, Trish, under the influence of the curse, poured hot oil on his head and hit him over the head with the frying pan, leaving Bill to twitch and bleed to death on the kitchen floor. Unfazed by the murder she just committed, Trish proceeds to casually drink her coffee.

Later that night, when Lacey and Jake returned home, they found the apartment's door half opened, and Jake discovered his father's corpse on the couple's bedroom. He heard Lacey gasping for air in the bathroom and hurried over, only to find his sister dead, drowned in the bathtub. A possessed Trish suddenly appears, calling for him from the bathtub, until she was dragged down by ghostly hands into the water to be drowned, and her corpse vanishing immediately after.


Trish, who’s body was never found, became the prime suspect for the Kimble family deaths. Jake's psychiatrist, Dr. Francine Sullivan, told Lisa Morrison that she concluded Jake's hallucinations about a ghostly, dark-haired woman where a way to escape from reality after his whole family was supposedly murdered by Trish.


  • Trish's storyline loosely references that of Yoshimi from Ju-on: The Curse 2. After she is possessed, Yoshimi also murders her husband Hiroshi by bashing him over the head with a frying pan. Trish's storyline is also similar to Matthew's, as both are possessed by the curse and kill their partners in a supposed murder-suicide act.
  • In the alternate ending of The Grudge 2, Jake finds Trish's hanged corpse in an apartment next door, and later Mr. and Mr. Fleming's bodies in Allison's apartment.
  • It is not made clear if Lacey was murdered by the possessed Trish, Toshio’s ghost or Takeo's ghost itself.
  • Trish presumably became the suspect for the deaths of Sally, Mr. and Mrs. Fleming as well.
  • Dr. Sullivan collected a Japanese news report on Trish and Bill's deaths.
  • Trish is the second character in the franchise to be drowned in the bathtub, preceded by Detective Nakagawa, Lacey and followed by Brenda and Peter Spencer.
  • If one looks closely at the dinner table, you can see that Trish had burnt every breakfast item, including the toast and the burnt and crispy edges around the eggs.


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