Watanabe is a character in Ju-on: The Grudge 2.

Biography Edit

Watanabe met Keisuke, joined his crew, and became a cameraman. In the crew he also met and befriended sound operator Soma. At some point, the crew begins shooting a horror movie, but they are interrupted, when one of the extras, a girl named Chiharu, sees Toshio near Kyoko, screams in terror, and faints. Later, that day, Chiharu wakes up, but mysteriously dies soon after. Some time after Chiharu's death, the crew learns of the Saeki house, and plans to shoot an episode there. The crew goes to Saeki house. While at the house, Soma hears a Kayako's death rattle coming from Kyoko's mic. The crew returns to studio and Watanabe disappears along with Soma.

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