Yoko Toyama
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Appeared in:

Ju-on: The Grudge


Izumi Toyama (daughter)
Yuji Toyama (husband)


Unknown/Most likely Deceased





Portrayed by:

Aki Fujî

Yoko Toyama is a character from Ju-on: The Grudge, portayed by Aki Fujî .

Biography Edit

Yoko is Yuji's wife and Izumi's mother. Yuji's death depressed her to the point of near catatony and even years later, when Izumi was in high school, she still mourned him. When Izumi came home from school one day, Yoko was looking at Yuji's photo and listening to the news report about Rika's death. When Chiharu and Miyuki later came to Izumi with photographs, Yoko opened the door for them and asked them if they were Izumi's friends. Later, when Chiharu and Miyuki left the apartment, she told them that Yuji acted the same before he died. Miyuki asked if Izumi knows about it to which Yoko replied that she didn't tell anything to her. It's unknown what happened to her afterwards, but it's most likely that she was killed by the curse soon after as she was nowhere to be seen when Izumi was attacked and killed by the ghosts.