Detective Yoshikawa (吉川 Yoshikawa) is a character from Ju-on: The Curse and The Curse 2, portrayed in both installments by Denden. Yoshikawa investigates the deaths of two schoolgirls whose body remains were found at their school, and eventually crosses paths with the same grudge curse that victimized them.


Detectives Yoshikawa and Kamio investigated the gruesome deaths of Kanna and Hisayo, whose body was found at the school campus. Yoshikawa was informed by the coroner that the body appeared to have been twisted and broken. The detective noticed a ripped human jaw which the coroner told him was found near the body, but did not belong to it. A fellow investigator, Iizuka informed Yoshikawa and Kamio the indentities of the deceased girls who went to their middle school to feed their rabits. Intrigued, Yoshikawa lated asked Kamio if it was possible for a person to remain alive without his jaw, to which Yoshikawa himself concluded as impossible.

Iizuka and Kamio later visited their boss, but Yoshikawa's wife was unreceptive and insisted they could not see Yoshikawa, telling them he was sick. Iizuka and Kamio went to Yoshikawa's backyard and found himself seemingly quiet and distracted under the sunlight. As Yoshikawa noticed them, he screamed in fear, with his wife kicking Iizuka and Kamio off their house. After they left, Yoshikawa and his wife were haunted and killed by Kayako's ghost, whose huge face manifested at their ceiling.

Notes and triviaEdit

  • Yoshikawa presumably visited the Saeki household off-screen and investigated the murders that gathered the grudge curse.
  • Yoshikawa's wife is reached by the curse through him.
  • Yoshikawa is the first victim of the grudge seen to suffer under disturbance.


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