My child drew this.

Kayako talks through Yoshimi, Ju-on: The Curse 2

Yoshimi Kitada

Appeared in:

Ju-on: The Curse
Ju-on: The Curse 2
Ju-on: Video Side


Hiroshi Kitada (husband) (Deceased)







Portrayed by:

Kaori Fujii


Yoshimi Kitada (北田良美 Kitada Yoshimi) is a character from Ju-on: The Curse but plays a larger role in the sequel, Ju-on: The Curse 2. A housewife portrayed by Kaori Fujii.


Ju-on: The CurseEdit

Yoshimi and her husband, Hiroshi, became the new owners of the Saeki residence after Tatsuya sold it to them, even after the incident with the previous family, the Murakami. He also made them drink Sake at Kyoko's request before selling the house to prevent them from evil spirits but they enjoyed the Sake according to Tatsuya.

Through everything seem fine, one morning Yoshimi recieved a mail from an unknown source which contained Toshio's drawns and Kayako's journal. She then freezes for a moment as she becomes possessed by Kayako. Kayako, as Yoshimi, prepares a failed breakfast for Hiroshi and he complains to her only to her to hit him with a frying pan, killing him.


Yoshimi possessed by Kayako.

When Tatsuya asked Kyoko if she could see Nobuyuki and was on her way, she visited the Kitada residence only to find a possessed Yoshimi staring at her from the window, causing her to quickly leave the house.

After Kyoko assumed a strange behavior, Tatsuya goes to visit the Kitada residence and finds Yoshimi, who invites him to get inside and offers him coffee, she covers her husband's absence by simply stating he "went out".

When Tatsuya notices Toshio's drawns and Kayako's journal, Kayako begins to takeover Yoshimi's body and speaks through her as Tatsuya realizes something is wrong. He then recieves a phone call but turns out to be Toshio's meowing who materializes next to Yoshimi, who slowly starts to walk to him and reveals Kayako's face before take him.


Detective Kamio warns Iizuka to not continue investigating the incidents of the families within the house and the Kobayashi and Suzuki families before he could suffer the same fate by comparing two photos of Yoshimi; one before she entered the house and another after she did, with the second one clearly showing a complete different look on her, almost as if she was other person.


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