Appeared in:

Ju-on: The Curse
Ju-on: Video Side







Portrayed by:

Hitomi Miwa


Yuki (由紀 Yuki) is a character from Ju-on: The Curse, portrayed by Hitomi Miwa. Yuki is the tutor of Kanna and crosses paths with the grudge curse gathered in her house.


School Tutor for KannaEdit

Yuki was a high school tutor in Tokyo. One day, Yuki was in the Murakami house tutoring Kanna on her homework, and felt uncomfortable when a cat started meowing outside, to which Kanna suggested it would be the same cat that appeared days before.

Aware of her phobia of cats, Kanna's mother, Noriko, reassured her that she would chase them away, and invited her to have dinner with them.


Kanna taunts Yuki with a cat figurine

Alone, Kanna insisted on knowing if Yuki had a boyfriend, to which she denied. Yuki was disturbed by a noise in the house, and became worried if she was the only one hearing it.

Kanna taunted her, suggesting it could be another cat. Kanna remembered she needed to be in school to feed her rabbit, and before leaving, she told Yuki about her brother Tsuyoshi's new girlfriend. Yuki asked Tsuyoshi for a picture of his girlfriend, but he refused to show her. Yuki returned to Kanna's bedroom and found her CD player. Yuki then started to listen to music as a mean of distracting herself from the strange noises coming from the house.

Encounter with the CurseEdit


Yuki discovers she is in the house alone

After the CD player malfunctioned, Yuki heard a rattle from above. Terrified, she left the room and found the house in complete darkness. Yuki called for Tsuyoshi but received no answer. While further exploring the house, Yuki was surprised by a black cat, who forced her to enter the closet.

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Yuki discovers what was making the strange noises

As the rattle continued, Yuki rose to the dark attic above and, after sparking her lighter, found the roaring ghost, who grabbed her and dragged her into the dark.


Right after Yuki was taken, Tsuyoshi heard something dropping upstairs, but belittled it and left to school.

Notes and triviaEdit

  • Yuki had ailurophobia, the fear of cats.
  • Yuki's fate is mirrored by Yoko in The Grudge. A more similar sequence of Yoko's demise with a ghostly Mar forcing her into the attic was filmed, but left out of the final cut.